• With The Rise And Rise Of The Female Tradie, Does The Suit Fit – So To Speak?

    Participation by women in trades and manual jobs is slowly but surely increasing in Australia. And that’s a great outcome for a whole range of reasons.

    First, Australia is experiencing a serious skills shortage, particularly in trades. With more than 50 per cent of the population female, there’s no good reason that less than 5 per cent of tradespeople are female. More women participating in trades is great for the Australian economy.

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  • Best Ways to Extend The Life of Your Work Boots

    Work boots are an essential part of workwear and they play a significant role in providing you with comfort and safety throughout your workday. I often hear people and even my colleagues complaining that their boots don’t last long enough and they would last longer. I have been wearing the same b... View Post
  • What Products Female Blue-Collar (Tradies) Workers Should Consider With Autumn Approaching

    Workwear fashion for all female tradies can often look quite similar. It can be quite challenging for them to look and feel their best at work. As the warmer months bids goodbye and colder month creep in, female tradies will require some appropriate workwear for autumn. With the autumn approachin... View Post