• Workwear With A Mix of Business & Pleasure.

    Does your job require you to have a work uniform or no work uniform? I personally love wearing a uniform to work. Having a work uniform saves time and expenses, also I feel so much more professional when I go to work. When it comes to workwear or uniform – some people believe that all workwear ca... View Post
  • Are Masks A Mandatory Part Of On-Site Workwear?

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a massive impact on economies across the world, including Australia. Australians have gone through various levels of restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus View Post
  • We Know Why We Use It, But Do We Really Know Much About It? The Complete Story of Hi-Vis Clothing and Why It's Essential For Every Site

    When we think of a construction site, we think of workers with hard hats, steel capped boots and hi-vis clothing. It’s not only worn on construction sites, but firefighters, police officers and paramedics also wear the fluorescent uniforms at times. It’s a staple piece of clothing within a lot of industries, and for good reason. Your general citizen knows that hi-vis is worn to quite simply be more visible at your place of work. The benefits speak for themselves. However, how much do we really know about this clothing item, and the history behind it? View Post