Poorly Fitted Workwear Could Be Putting Female Tradies At Risk And BAD Workwear Is Here To Help Fix This Gap

A female tradesperson is a concept that is relatively new to this millennium, before then it was almost unheard of. However, as females can now move into whatever career path they wish, many are now pursuing a number of trades within Australia.

While many can easily integrate into this career, it is still a previously male dominated industry and no doubt it will come with its fair share of struggles.

Research has found that almost half of Australia females tradies have worn casual or non-safety clothing to work because of the lack of female safety workwear options available to them. It also found that as a result, 40% of female tradies felt less safe at work due to wearing ill-fitting workwear that is designed for men, with 3 of our 5 admitting to having to wear workwear designed for men.



While this may not seem like a big deal, in an industry involving so many hazards your workwear can be the thin line between being safe or at risk in your workplace. Women wearing ill-fitted male designed workwear could lead to an injury from loose clothing snagging on ladders, not protecting women in the right areas or even just frustration from trying to remove overalls inside a port aloo.

It is sad to find out that 33% of women indicated that they can’t work as hard as they want to, due to incorrect clothing, while 45% feel more self-conscious and 20% feel like they don’t belong.

Many aren’t aware that female tradies actually need specifically designed workwear in order for safety workwear to protect them correctly.

The rising number of women working in trades and all of the research around workwear prompted workwear companies to change their uniforms. Now, new gear has been created that is more form fitting with a feminine design to eliminate the risks associated with women wearing men’s workwear. 

BAD Workwear is proud to help and be at the forefront of female workwear innovations to help reduce on-site inequalities for female tradies. BAD Workwear have designed a range of items specifically designed for women. How tradeswomen move and work, and variations in fit and size is extremely different to men, so brands like BAD has to figure out the best silhouettes for functional, professional and safe workwear for women. 

BAD’s range specifically aimed at female tradies by completely changing the way the workwear was created. The fabric needs to stretch, it needs wearability and functionality in the workplace, and it needs to be durable and not be restrictive for women on the worksite. This is exactly what their range entails, from work pants to t-shirts, all the way to safety boots – BAD has an option that is specifically designed for women.


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Trades are an excellent option for women in Australia and increasing the number of women in the field has positive impacts throughout the industry and the country. Females bring a whole different range of skills and strengths, so female participation in the industry is definitely encouraged. BAD is not only supplying the product but we take pride in providing a solution for a much bigger that stems from a lack of safe workwear.

Now that women in trades can purchase and wear workwear that is safe, comfortable, designed for women and that looks good, female tradies can have equality on the worksite and are not more at risk compared to their male counterparts. They can now head into the industry without hesitation and go in with determination to do their best and work their hardest.

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