The Benefits Of AfterPay And Other Payment Plan Providers Throughout The Xmas Period?

A new year and a new wardrobe! 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in Australia, and around the world. But thankfully, that’s now behind us. We’ve got an exciting 2021 ahead of us, and hopefully a year of growth, redevelopment and prosperity for Australian businesses. This fresh year marks a great opportunity to support Australian businesses, and what better way to support BAD Workwear than with a new wardrobe.

Understandably, some people just don’t have the luxury to spare any cash after the Christmas break. However, what if I told you there’s a solution. BAD offers AfterPay on every transaction through our online store. We’re going to go through all the benefits of AfterPay, and why you should consider it for your next online shopping experience with us.



AfterPay is a safe, simple & convenient payment option allowing you to grab the product you want, when you want it, at no cost on the day of purchase. With four separate, interest-free payment instalments, there really isn’t much of a downside to it!

Now, how do we go about using it? It’s simple, head to any product page on our online store, pick your products, and select AfterPay as your payment method at the checkout. If it’s your first time, create a AfterPay account where prompted, or simply login to your existing account. You can then complete your order; where AfterPay will pay on your behalf, processed and dispatched to your elected address. Done! It’s as simple as that.

Now that you understand what AfterPay is and how it works, let’s go through the benefits that make this payment system so popular amongst online stores:

  • Making online shopping easier. As mentioned above, the convenience and flexibility of simply logging in to your AfterPay account to make a purchase makes it a seamless process. Once the transaction is complete, AfterPay will cover the initial cost on the day (you pay nothing) and will begin to charge you 4 instalments 2 weeks apart.
  • No extra cost. AfterPay is quite effectively a no-interest loan. With no hidden fees or interest, you can feel safe and secure that you’re paying the exact amount in your shopping cart, over an extended period.
  • Immediate use. A few clicks of a button and you’re away! There’s no waiting time or lengthy forms to submit through every purchase. Just log in to your account and get what you need.
  • Simple account management. Through your profile, you can view your orders, account details and upcoming payments. All in one platform.
  • Prompt reminders. One major concern when getting involved with AfterPay is being charged late fees. With their reminder alerts, you can be reminded before the fortnightly instalments are due. This ensures you’ve got the appropriate funds in your account before they’re withdrawn. This gives you ample time to organise your banking, to avoid any late fees.
  • Refunds are available. When customers use AfterPay, they worry that refunds are completely off the cards. This is simply not true. With AfterPay, customers can benefit from refunds if they change their mind. However, the refund policy depends entirely on the brand you're purchasing from. AfterPay adheres to their refund policy. So be sure to look over their policy before making a purchase.
  • Advanced, high-level security. AfterPay pride themselves on securing all client details and information. It’s important that customers feel secure when dealing with any financial service, and AfterPay is no exception. 

BAD Workwear also offer Google Pay and Shop Pay payment options at our checkout. If you don’t have an AfterPay account, you can go through these other 2 methods. We’ll list a few of the benefits below to help you make the decision on what payment process you’d prefer to go with.


Google Pay 



Google Pay is Google’s alternative to PayPal. The main benefit of using this platform is for Android phone users and using its fully integrated app for in-store purchases. As for its online purchasing benefits, Google Pay follow a very similar structure to PayPal. The convenience of having a number of payment details and shipping details all under one roof in your personalised profile. Google pitch their ‘peace of mind’ approach to payment. Instead of sending actual credit card details to merchants, Google sends them a personalised virtual account number to identify the paying customer. Nifty hey!


Shop Pay



Shop Pay, also known as Shopify Pay, is another alternative to PayPal. They follow a very similar process as far as benefits for customers. However, what sets them apart from a customer’s point of view, is their commitment to offsetting carbon emissions. Shop Pay is dedicated to reducing emissions caused by delivery, by planting and protecting new trees. This is an absolutely fantastic point of difference to set them apart from their competitors. Whenever a customer goes through Shop Pay, they’ll calculate the carbon emissions emitted through their dedicated delivery service, and offsets it by planting and/or protecting trees. A major player in the industry, and notable feature of their service that every customer should consider down the track.

So, next time you find yourself looking through BAD’s online store, don’t worry about breaking the bank on the day. With AfterPay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay, you can enjoy the speed and convenience of online shopping, with their dedicated payment instalments. It’s important to us that our customers are not only happy with our products, but also their online shopping experience. We make the difficult part of the experience even more seamless with flexible payment options. 

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