The One Industry Where Working From Home Is Not an Option

It has now been more than a year since we have begun dealing with the pandemic that is impacting our everyday lives. However, not all industries have had to face the negative impact of coronavirus, including online retail, supermarkets and sanitising products.

The clothing industry also faced some unique challenges – formal wear manufacturers ran into quite a problem, as most of their business was based on events that were no longer happening. Hardly anyone invested in formalwear such as suits, ties, shirts and other formal wear, during 2020. The formalwear industry saw the most significant decrease in sales last year, compared to other clothing areas.

On the other hand, people bought a huge amount of loungewear, in order to stay comfy while they were working from home. There was a 50% increase in the sales of loungewear worldwide.

Apart from loungewear, another area within the clothing industry that has thrived is the blue-collar workwear manufacturers. Blue-collars jobs such as construction, plumbing and manufacturing cannot be done from home, therefore many workers continued to physically visit worksites throughout 2020.

Just like doctors and other emergency workers, tradies in Australia continued to work during the pandemic, leading to increased protective workwear sales. For those who had to go out to work during any stage of lockdown, it was essential that they had good quality workwear and any necessary PPE, to keep them safe from any infection and injury.

High-quality workwear is required to minimise workplace accidents, low-quality workwear may satisfy the standards in terms of appearance, but it will not offer the same integrity and strength.

Quality workwear is an investment, but it is vital to invest for your safety. Here are just some of the reasons why purchasing high-quality workwear is of utmost importance:




Safety is a primary concern for blue-collar workers –workwear that meets government standards ensures on-site safety of workers, especially when they are working in a low lit and dull, or especially dangerous environment.



Working efficiently in uncomfortable clothing is impossible. Blue-collar workers wear their safety workwear and uniforms for a long period of time, and sometimes they are fully covered from head to toe. In this situation, it is important that they have comfortable clothing, made from a soft and breathable fabric.




The right safety workwear can be expensive, and because it is, you don’t want to have to be investing in it constantly. High-quality workwear needs to be durable and have a great return on investment. Clothes that wear out fast put you at the risk of injury, whereas high-quality workwear is strong enough to withstand hazards for long-periods of time.

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