When Fashion Meets Work. The Stylish Trend of BAD's Revolutionary 'Work' Clothes

Dressing for work is not something that excites most people, especially for blue-collar workers. Blue-collar workers aren't expected to wear suits and ties to their work to look fashionable. They either have uniforms, or they have to wear a specific type of workwear that meets the standards to keep them safe from workplace hazards.

When it comes to the blue-collar industry, style takes the back seat as the priority is safety. Nobody would have ever thought to call safety workwear fashionable. But who doesn’t like looking fashionable when they are at work?

With so many companies that sell work clothes, it is quite overwhelming to choose one. At BAD Workwear, I have found some of the most revolutionary workwear pieces to refresh the work wardrobe.

There work clothes are revolutionary; it is where fashion meets work. From singlets to hoodies, from shorts to pants and from safety shoes to work boots, they have everything that will keep you safe from hazards and, at the same time, look stylish.

I have picked some of the work clothes from BAD Workwear that you must have if you want to follow the stylish trends.


BAD Cuffed Elastic Waist Work Pants


The best part of this work pant is the elastic waist, which allows it to work on any type of body shape. Online shopping can be hectic if the clothes do not fit well, but with BAD cuffed elastic waist work pants, it is not the case. These pants fit well on anyone; also, the slim fit design complements any shape.

These pants are made with lightweight GSM pre-shrunk stretchable fabric, which is also brushed, making it beautifully soft and comfortable by eliminating rubbing, chafing, and discomfort.


BAD Hi-Vis Fleece Hoodie


The BAD fleece hoodie has been customised for a beautiful and flattering fit for women. Now that we are heading towards winter, it is a perfect hoodie for winter workwear wardrobe.

It is made with extra thick fabric that will keep you warm even through the coldest weather. What I love about this hoodie is the kangaroo pocket in front so that I can fit my hands in and keep them warm.


BAD Zip Side Safety Work Boots


This incredible work boot is one of the best sellers of BAD Workwear. They are super soft and comfortable, and also have an orthopaedic innersole and arch support, which will keep your feet happy. The zip side allows you to wear and take off the boot easily.

BAD work boots meet the workwear standards, which is the most important thing to consider when you are buying work boots. This work boot is made up of premium quality leather and is oil, acid, and water-resistant and comes with a composite safety cap.

When it comes to workwear, the most important thing to consider is comfort. If it is not comfortable, you cannot wear it all day long. All the BAD Workwear pieces are comfortable and stylish, which will enhance both your productivity and looks at work.

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